Stan Peterec

Stan Peterec

Stan Peterec

Stan Peterec

There are few athletes in the world who can be described as legends in their own time. Stan is one of them. In 2006,Black Belt Magazine featured him as the fourth toughest man on the planet. In 2012, "Stan the Steamer" made history by being only the third man and first Canadian to fight professionally for five decades.

Stan's start in the world of martial arts was a matter of self defense. He was 15 and living in Port Alberni where an older and larger kid tormented him. He commented:

"I was bullied by that kid for two or three years. When I look back at it, he probably had the crappiest life going and he took it out on me. But he made life a living hell for me, so I went to this karate school. I didn't care for the arts side of it. I told the instructor, 'I'm here to learn how to pound the tar out of the guy.' He told me I couldn't join unless I did it all."

And he did. The lessons took care of the bullying problem and his life in the world of martial arts was set in motion. It's one that has allowed him to travel the world, often competing for his country, and has introduced him to the legends of martial arts, a distinguished group of which he has become an illustrious member.

Stan's accomplishments include Canadian Super Welterweight Kickboxing Champion (1986), WKA World Junior Middleweight Kickboxing Champion (1987-88), and WKA World Middleweight Karate Champion (1994-95). Stan has fought in more than 1000 competitive martial arts championships in the last 40 years and he was awarded most outstanding male competitor numerous times.

At a critical point in his career he made a trip to Thailand that rekindled his interest to get back in the ring. At that point he knew from sparring that he still had the skills. The question was more of body. He commented in a newspaper article:

"I spar for one day and I'm sore for three. The mind wants to do it and the heart wants to do it, but the body doesn't. The only thing it's fighting right now is arthritis."

Over the years, in recognition of his abilities and accomplishments, Stan has been sought out by elite forces and individuals including the Israeli Special Forces, Spetznaz Russian Special Forces, Allied Special Forces, Jim Harrison (Navy SEAL Instructor and Martial Arts Hall of Famer) and the L.A.P.D. SWAT Team.

As well as his incredible athletic career, Stan is proud of the number of internationally acclaimed champions he has trained and coached. Among them are Donny Lalonde, World Lightweight Boxing Champion; Forest Brawaski, Canadian Heavyweight Boxing Champion; and Gabriel Varga, Amateur World Kickboxing Champion.

Stan has also had direct involvement in the opening of Martial Arts Schools in Victoria including the Crusher Combat School, Curtis Lee's Offence Club, Final Round Boxing and Martial Arts, Studio 4 Athletics, Columbia Martial Arts and his eponymous Peterec's Martial Arts Centre.

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