1951 Victoria Allstar Soccer Team

1951 Victoria Allstar Soccer Team

This gutsy Victoria squad pulled off one of the greatest upsets in Canadian soccer history. In the evening of June 7, 1951 the Victoria All-Stars defeated Fulham FC by the score of 1-0 at Royal Athletic Park. It was the first time everthat a Canadian football team had beaten a touring English professional side and the first time that a top-flight English side had failed to score a goal in a football match played on Canadian soil. Also, Fulham substituted a player late in the game - despite having reluctantly agreed to the use of subs during protracted and prickly pre-game negotiations - for they saw defeat staring them right in the face. Therefore, an historic victory and shutout won by our amateur rep side and the lone substitution of the match born out of ironic necessity by an overconfident Old Country pro club made Canadian and English football history and fascinating trivia to boot.

The Victorians truly shocked the soccer world. "For those of us that are left, from those who were there that evening, there will never be anything in soccer to quite match what happened that night in Victoria's Royal Athletic Park". The history-making Victoria side under the direction of George KuIai, Tom Restell and Earl Barnswell played with a spirited display of dogged tenacity to shut out the visitors. The headliners of the night were a pair of brothers. Joe Travis was brilliant in stopping everything that came his way while Ab Travis fIrst-timed a Bobby Allen comer kick for the historic game-winning goal. The AIl-Stars starting line-up in the famous win over Fulham included Bobby Allen, the Travis brothers, Joe Robbins, Herman Henry, Jack Robbins, John Pickbum, Ken Williams, Stan Bob, Wallace Milligan and Denny McGee. In reserve were Ced Robb, Don McGee, Sid Robbins and Ed Hardy.

N.B. In 1951 Fulham was classified as an English First Division club but in today's terminology that club would have been described as an English Premier League club.


Victoria enjoys a stellar sports history and we celebrate the many athletes, teams and builders who have contributed to that history.  Our displays are seen at the Save-On-Foods Memorial Centre (1925 Blanshard St.)  through Gate Three.


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